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.:: Brief description of GásPoint/Automatik services

.: Who we are
GásPoint and Automatik are the same company.

We are a sixteen year old market experienced mechanic shop.

GásPoint is speciallized in NCG instalation, and Automatik is the automatic transmission repair shop.
.: What we do

Our speciallization on NCG instalation spreads to fifth generation multipoint direct injection systems.

We are also into fuel injection, and general mechanics repair. Our program "definitive maintenance" brings recently bought doubtfull cars back to life thru aircraft-style "illnesses" prevention.

Full suspension, brakes, coolant fluids and on are services totally covered.

Automatik is the automatic transmission division, which can repair any kind of gearshift automatic systems, from your old hydramatic Chevy to CVT variable Honda Transmission or TipTronic Audi gadgets and so on.
.: What else we can do for you

We can provide international training on NCG instalation based on the terms below:

  1. We will travel to your portuguese or english speaking country and teach you how to install, program and maintain second, third and fifth generation NCG fuel injection systems for Otto Cycle Engines only (no Diesel powered Engines).
.: What you will spend with us

You will pay for:

  • The round trip from our country to yours.
  • Complete lodging and transportation from hotels to your company during our stay.
  • Full meals during our stay.
  • A fair price for us to share our knowledge with you and the people involved.

Get in touch with us if you want more details .



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